Dwight Holing

Dwight Holing is the author of the tart, quick and hip crime novel A Boatload – A Jack McCoul Caper, and California Works, an award-winning collection of short fiction. His nonfiction work includes numerous books and articles on the environment, natural history, and travel.

His short stories and essays have appeared in literary journals, including Arts & Letters, Cold Mountain Review, Cutthroat, Phoebe, and Oregon Quarterly.

His nonfiction articles have been published in Audubon, Discover, Los Angeles Times, and Outside, among many others.

A Boatload_Front & Back Cover

Dwight Holing’s work compels us with the texture of its language, entering us like music and insisting that we feel the story on more than one level as we read it. This is a writer who impresses us with his eye and ear and heart. — Judson Mitcham, Poet Laureate of Georgia

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