A thrilling new and emotionally charged chapter in the bestselling series.

Wildlife rangers Nick Drake and Loq take separate paths, but both lead to action, murder, and mystery.

When his sister goes on the run with a charismatic Indian rights activist wanted for murder, Loq risks everything to find her. He teams up with a beautiful police officer tracking a member of her own tribe who joined the fugitive too. Danger, desire, and treachery test the pair as they try to stay ahead of a ruthless federal agent, solve who’s responsible for leaving bodies along the trail, and corner their elusive quarry.

Meanwhile, Nick Drake embarks on a hazardous undertaking of his own when his adopted son continues to be haunted by his traumatic childhood in war-torn Vietnam and a loved one is stricken with terminal cancer. Father and son go in search of healing and meaning, but deadly forces turn their quest into a fight for survival.

Dwight Holing is the award-winning author of twenty books, including two popular mystery series: the acclaimed Nick Drake Novels and the witty Jack McCoul Capers.

His genre-spanning work includes stand-alone novels, short story collections, and books on natural history, conservation, wildlife, and outdoor travel. He lives beside a coastal river in California with his wife and two dogs who’d rather swim than walk.


Murder and Mystery on the High Lonesome…The Book That Began the Popular Series

The Sorrow Hand started it all, a brilliant crime fiction novel that launched a character-driven mystery series readers call their new favorite.  When tough but vulnerable Nick Drake walked off the page and into their lives, crime readers found a compelling hero who captured them heart, body and soul.  Reviewers say: “Smart, thrilling, beautifully written page-turner.” “A love song to a remote land.” “Love the characters, setting, and Native American aspect.”