Five Star First Reviews for Shake City (A Jack McCoul Caper Book 4)

Thanks for the encouraging  words for my newest Jack McCoul Caper, SHAKE CITY. Here’s what readers are saying:

on July 9, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Jack McCoul, our favorite San Franciscan ex-con man is back again in Dwight Holing’s Shake City and this time McCoul’s trying to save his best friend while taking on a corrupt real estate developer who’s got his eye set on a part of San Francisco that is very near and dear to McCoul.

In this fourth book in the series, McCoul, who has finally gone legit (or so it seems), settled down, and started to raise a family, soon finds out that there is no escaping his past when two murders and the arrest of his friend have him right back in the thick of things. And, as McCoul has proven before, it will take his street smarts and con-man savvy to make everything right again.

Holing is brilliant again, as he pits McCoul against the corrupt real estate developer and a few heavies along with his old nemesis Terry Dolan who always seems to keep McCoul from going too far astray. What I have enjoyed most about the books in this series is Holing’s style of writing which is reminiscent of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett with the way he portrays McCoul and the snappy one-liners that he throws around. Another thing that I have enjoyed is Holing’s obvious love for San Francisco and how the city, especially in this book, becomes one of the characters. It’s a real treat to follow McCoul around the city and all the haunts and landmarks he visits. The City of San Francisco ought to have a Dwight Holing/Jack McCoul day for the way Holing’s love for the city comes through and the tourist attractions he promotes.

This is a riveting and real page-turner of a book with plenty of twists and turns to keep you riveted until the very end. I hope Holing has a more few stories to tell about Jack, Hark, Wonder Boy, Cicero Broadshank, and others!

Jeffrey Miller,
Bureau 39

on July 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

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Insightful 5 Star Amazon Vine Voice Review of BAD KARMA

Group Of Catholic Schoolmates Grow Up Taking Different Paths
By Scott E. High VINE VOICE on July 15, 2015

This is the second novel in the Jack McCoul series written by Dwight Holing. It was offered to me for free in exchange for an honest review–and after reading BAD KARMA I wish that he had offered me his first book when it became available. Dwight Holing obviously has a gift for describing scenes, developing characters, and tossing in just enough misinformation to take you on alternate routes that run parallel to his final destination.

Jack McCoul and his crew of misfits attended Catholic school together at St. Joseph’s in San Francisco. As they grew older, most of them took different paths: Jack and Bobby Ballena became grifters, choosing the challenges, adrenaline rush, and monetary rewards of making a score over the potential harsh punishment of prison; Hark put his Hispanic heritage to work building and customizing low riders; and Terry Dolan, the school’s star athlete, became a cop like his old man. While these guys didn’t necessarily like each other, they shared a grudging respect since each had survived a relatively tough upbringing. Throw in Wonder Boy, a lisping bartender with the skills of a mathematical savant, a rotund criminal attorney nicknamed “Broadass”, a highfaluting patent attorney named Winston Cheatham, an ultra wealthy venture capitalist named Dexter Cotswold, two long suffering personal assistants, a plethora of young coders. two stunning new age young wives, a pair of Eastern European hit men, and bingo–you’ve got a party!

Highly sarcastic and cynical, most of the humor came from the characters slinging insults at one another. God help those who couldn’t defend themselves. Most of the action took place in the wealthier parts of San Francisco yet many of its diverse neighborhoods were described and a few became part of the story. Ethnic and moral diversity abounded, a virtual cornucopia of gang bangers, Triads, Hispanics, Indians (non-native), Irish cops and firemen, the aforementioned Eastern Europeans and sloppy young coders, health fanatics and corpulent over eaters, hybrid/electric cars and gas guzzlers, sex both straight and gay–traditional and kinky, all-in-all a pretty good description of San Francisco and its denizens (apologies in advance to anyone left out).

So what we have here is an entertaining novel that leaves you guessing until the very end, written by an up-and-coming (and gifted) story teller. Dwight Holing has created a cast of memorable (and imperfect) characters who will no doubt be pulling shenanigans for a long time coming. You won’t be disappointed by adding him to your reading list. This author deserves a larger audience.