The Nick Drake Novels

The Sorrow Hand (Book 1)

For Vietnam veteran turned wildlife ranger Nick Drake, the war at home proves just as deadly.


It’s 1968, Nick Drake returns from war and flees to the high lonesome in Oregon to search for redemption.  He takes a job patrolling wildlife refuges, but then stumbles across a girl’s body ritually placed in a gully.  Her murder is only the beginning, and Nick must face humanity’s heart of darkness once again if he’s to stop a killer from turning even more gullies into graves.

The Pity Heart (Book 2)

Nick Drake returns in the thrilling sequel to

The Sorrow Hand

When a fighter pilot from a nearby Air Force base mysteriously plummets onto a wildlife refuge, Nick Drake is plunged into a deadly showdown with the military.  A vexing mystery involving multiple murders ensues, and Nick must turn to the old ways of his Paiute neighbors to hunt for a vicious killer and bring justice to the pitiless high desert.

The Shaming Eyes (Book 3)

Nick Drake is back!


Spring finally comes to the high lonesome, but for every new beginning, something old must give way. Someone is poisoning mustangs on the wildlife refuges and a vicious killer escapes from prison. A murder thrusts Nick into a desperate manhunt that turns into a fight for survival to protect those he holds dear. Spring quickly turns into a season of dying and life in Harney County will never be the same.

The Whisper Soul (Book 4)

Trouble doubles down on Nick Drake.


The tumultuous 1960s are nearing their end, but trouble doubles down on Nick Drake. A mysterious mother’s six-year-old twins vanish while a pyromaniac goes on a rampage. As Nick mounts a desperate search for the missing children, he must fight fire with fire when the arsonist targets the people and land he loves.

The Nowhere Bones (Book 5)

Living is hard on the high lonesome, but dying is easy.


When two of Nick Drake’s oldest Paiute friends disappear during a robbery of ancient relics that leads to a double murder, his race to find them puts him on a collision course with an obsessed killer. And that’s only for starters. A plane crash on a snowy mountainside after a wedding and with a baby on the way leads to a desperate fight for survival. Only one outcome is certain: life will never be the same for Nick, Gemma, Pudge, November, and the other characters who readers have come to love.

The Forever Feet (Book 6)

Hollywood comes to the high lonesome to make a Western, but not all the showdowns are make-believe. Nick Drake confronts a double feature of murder and mysticism to stop a real killer among the movie stars. At the same time, he runs afoul of a sinister gold mining company and must fight for his life or wind up buried like lost treasure.

The Demon Skin (Book 7)

Thrilling whitewater adventure, an ancient demon, a sexy new boss, trouble at home, and murder combine in this spellbinding new installment.


When Nick Drake gets a beautiful and impetuous new supervisor, he quickly becomes pulled into a physical and emotional cauldron after she orders him to guide her down a dangerous and deadly river. As rapids roar and passions roil, Nick must battle waterfalls and whirlpools, an unearthly predator killing anything that ventures into its realm, and doubts about his frayed marriage following the adoption of a psychologically scarred boy.

The Broken Blood (Book 8)

Nick Drake and Loq take separate paths, but both lead to action, murder, and mystery.


When his sister goes on the run with a charismatic Indian rights activist wanted for murder, Loq risks everything to find her. He teams up with a beautiful cop tracking a member of her own tribe running with the fugitive too. Danger, desire, and treachery test the pair as they chase their elusive quarry.

Nick Drake and his troubled adopted son go in search of healing and meaning after a loved one is stricken with terminal cancer, but deadly forces turn their quest into a fight for survival.

Box Set 1

Books 1 – 3 in a price-savings digital omnibus: The Sorrow Hand, The Pity Heart, The Shaming Eyes.

Box Set 2

Books 4 – 6 in a price-savings digital omnibus: The Whisper Soul, The Nowhere Bones, The Forever Feet.