Other Books

California Works: Short Stories

Winner of the Selena McDonald Kennedy Fiction Award.


Meet the men and women who dwell on the far side of the California Dream: a war vet who rustles cactus near Palm Springs, a teenager living in the shadow of Disneyland about to be pulled into the draft, a Hollywood actress on the run from a violent past, a North Coast fisherman whose marriage founders when his son is lost at sea. Spare but lyrical, these beautiful tales of love, loss, and redemption, where place is as much a character as the people, take readers on an unforgettable journey along the deep river of the human spirit.

“Dwight Holing’s work compels us with the texture of its language, entering us like music and insisting that we feel the story on more than one level as we read it. This is a writer who impresses us with his eye and ear and heart.” – Judson Mitcham, Poet Laureate of Georgia

Over Our Heads under Our Feet: Short Stories

From the winner of the Arts & Letters Prize for Fiction, a soul-stirring collection of short fiction.


Traveling from the poignant to the humorous and back again, Dwight Holing takes readers on a memorable voyage to the wilderness of love where people must reconcile desire and reality. These stories explore terrains both exotic and familiar — from the wilds of Africa where a couple must contend with an unspoken truth to a woman fighting for a child in an orphanage to a wind farmer falling under the spell of an island’s magic. They journey to the territory in our hearts where the human spirit dwells while marveling at the natural world’s ability to nourish our souls.

“Written with humanity and humor. Beautiful and moving.” – Kirkus Reviews